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By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 18:24 - Acts 20:12

Good evening everyone. Welcome again to the Bible Study here on Friday night. It seems like times is flying by, we're already into February. Okay, everyone let's go to Acts, Chapter 19 and let's finish up here. Acts 18, sorry, Acts 18 and finish up beginning in Verse 24. It's a little subtitle and again these subtitles that you find in your bible and I find in my bible are not inspired. It's just when the translators translated it they put little titles, subtitles in here for all of us to help to be able to find the information more quickly. And the subtitle here is: The Ministry of Apollos. Verse 24 it says, now a certain Jew named Apollos born at Alexandria, an eloquent man and mighty in the scriptures came to Ephesus. So here Apollos is named as a Jew with a Greek name. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 17:1 - Acts 18:23

Good evening everybody. Welcome to the Bible Study here again on Friday night. Let's continue where we're leaving off last time here in the Book of Acts, we got through Acts, Chapter 16. So tonight we'll do Chapter 17 and get into Chapter 18 and we'll see how far we can go there in the time that we have. I hope that you find the Bible Studies helpful, what we try to do is make the meaning clear to explain these things from the standpoint of the context in which are written. Also using all the materials that are at our disposal for notes to explain these things from College notes and Ambassador to Good News and Plain Truth articles and letters from personal Correspondence course, or even the Ambassador College Bible Study or Correspondence course. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 15:11 - Acts 16:40

Well, good evening everyone. Welcome to the Bible Study here again. Let's get back into Acts Chapter 15 where we left off. As you recall now, we were going through some verses that we're talking about circumcision and as we go through this Chapter we see that physical circumcision is no longer necessary for those that God is calling. A lot of the gentiles had come into the Church beginning with Cornelius and his family and Paul back in Acts Chapter 10 going to his household and baptizing many and God pouring out His spirit upon the gentiles beginning there. That event transpired more than 10 years, more than a decade prior to Acts Chapter 15 and so those gentile converts had not be circumcised in many cases and God has still poured out His spirit upon them and they had become part of t ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 13:42 - Acts 15:10

Good evening everybody, welcome to the Friday night Bible study here, January 14th, 2022. Tonight I want to get into Acts Chapter 13, we're going to continue beginning in Verse 42 and we'll get through Chapter 14 and maybe get a start on Chapter 15 as well. I'm kind of looking at how many more Friday nights we have until the end of this season will end in the spring before Passover. Usually we end around the time change and then pick it up again in the fall. But it looks like we're on target to finish the Book of Acts and then we can move on maybe to the general Epistles in the fall and then onto the Epistles of Paul and finish up with the Book of Revelation, but anyway we're doing great so far. I'm glad you're able to tune in, I hope that you find the information helpful. I+ ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 12:1 - Acts 13:41

Well, Good evening everyone. Welcome to Friday night Bible Study here again. Let's get into Acts Chapter 12. We'll get as far in Chapter 13 as we have time for tonight. In this Chapter we see right out of the gate that Herod is again harassing and vexing and injuring and seeking to hurt the Church of God. And we see the Church in the New Testament in the first century was persecuted pretty harshly and we've lived in very peaceful times comparatively. In the Church of God we haven't had to go through the harassment and imprisonment and martyrdom that the New Testament Church suffered. And we know at the time of the end that God's people there will once again be a martyrdom of Saints. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 10:1 - Acts 11:30

Well, Good evening everyone. Welcome to the Bible study here on Friday night, December 31st. Hard to believe we're at the end of a calendar year, at least the years calendar as far as the world goes. We know that God's calendar starts and ends in the Spring and the civil year in the fall. But anyway tonight we'll be covering Acts Chapter 10 and 11. Let's get into Acts Chapter 10 here tonight and we'll begin in Verse 1. We're really going to see the next two chapters marking an important turning point in the Book of Acts. We know that those who were scattered by persecution that had left Jerusalem had spread out and been scattered out into the surrounding areas were bringing the Gospel message with them and they knew the truth and they're bringing that message with them, but o ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 8:1 - Acts 9:43

Tonight what I want to do is what I have been doing and continue going through the Book of Acts. On Friday evenings we've been working on 1 hour studies, working through the end of John and now into the Book of Acts and we'll go through the entire book by the end of the season here will run right up to about Spring time change or thereabouts. And these are every Friday night usually at 7, we push this to 7:30 because of the activities here and dinner and all the sports, give time for people to shower up and get dressed and be here tonight. But these will be regularly on Friday nights, most of you already listen in. If you haven't, you're new, you'll get to see this is kind of what we do on a Friday night. We have really great opportunities to learn more about God's word. When I ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 6:1 - Acts 7:0

Good evening everyone. Welcome to the Friday evening Bible study. Tonight I want to get into Chapter 6 of the Book of Acts and it seems like we're really zipping through this. There's a lot of material, I think we can cover two chapters tonight. Chapter 6 pretty small, a short chapter but Chapter 7 is a long one so we work hard at I think we can accomplish a task. Let's start in Verse 1, Acts 6 it says, now in those days when the number of disciples was multiplying there arose a murmuring against the Hebrews by the Hellenists because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution. It's important to note at this time in history there were two classes of Jews. The first class here is referred to as the Hebrews, those were the Jews who remain in Palestine, they spoke predominan ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 4:1 - Acts 5:42

Good evening everybody. Welcome to the Friday evening Bible study, here on December 10th. Well it is hard to believe we're well into December here already. We're into Acts, Chapter 4 tonight in the Bible Study and we'll cover two chapters, 4 and 5. So let's go to Acts, Chapter 4. We'll begin in Verse 1 and take a look at what's contained here in these two chapters. It says in Verse 1, Acts 4, now as I spoke to the people, the priests, the captains of the Temple, and the Sadducees came upon them. Being greatly disturbed that they taught the people and preached in Jesus the resurrection from the dead. Now the Sadducees were upset, they were greatly disturbed for 2 reasons. Number 1 they denied the doctrine of the Resurrection. We read about that in Matthew 22 and Verse 23. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 2:14 - Acts 3:26

Good Evening! Welcome to the Friday evening Bible Study. Tonight I want to just pick up where we left off in Acts Chapter 2 and as you recall in Acts Chapter 2, God founded the New Testament Church and he poured out His spirit. And the individuals that he was working with were given the gift to be able to speak in tongues and as we read the account and look at the context and the words used we see that speaking in tongues here meant that they spoke in different languages, different dialects. We got up to Verse 14 and as we start here tonight we'll go into Peter's sermon that he gave there on the Day of Pentecost A.D. 31. It says in Verse 14 but Peter standing up with the eleven raised his voice and said to them "Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you and ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Acts 1:1 - Acts 2:13

Good evening everyone! Welcome to the Friday night Bible Study here. Once again, we're really excited about it, we're getting into a new book of the Bible here. But tonight we're going to move into an introduction into the Book of Acts. In your Bible and mine, it opens here the Acts of the Apostles, obviously these are not all the Acts of all the Apostles but the ones that God inspired to be put into the Bible into the Word of God. And this is a very exciting book and it's a book that I think is really a great book to go through. At this time here at the end of an age with the world being crazy and all the things that are happening to look at the Acts of the Apostles. It's just not the intentions of the Apostles or the dreams or hopes of the Apostles, it's literally the Acts o ...

The Law, Statutes and Judgements: Part 5

Hi there, hope you're having a fantastic weekend and a great day. Guess what? We are finally back at it again here and we are going to finish up The Law, Statutes and Judgements series right here today. We're going to focus on answering some of the tough or sometimes confusing questions about, The Law, Statutes and Judgements. As we discussed last time the Ceremonial law or the Sacrificial system is the only part of law that is not currently in practice. We do not offer physical sacrifices as strong biblical evidence demonstrates that Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice. We understand that it was God's ceremonial law that was often considered burdensome, not God's Ten Commandments as that Ceremonial law would have been difficult, it would have been a tough thing to carry out, t ...

The Law, Statutes and Judgements: Part 4

Hey there and welcome back, I hope you're having a good one. Today we're getting back into our study of The Law, Statutes and Judgements. To recap once again, the Law we have already defined as generally understood God's Ten Commandments. How to love God and love your neighbor. The Statutes, the do's and don'ts , you shall, you shall not and then The Judgements, binding decisions based on God's previously revealed law. If this happens, then you do this. So next we are going to move on to God's ceremonial law. The ritualistic washings and the sacrificial system which God instituted to His nation of Israel. When we look at the discussion of the Law, Statutes and Judgements people will often say things like: Well, the Bible tells us that God's law is done away with or that God ...

The Law, Statutes and Judgements: Part 3

Well good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Whatever it is, wherever you are I hope you are having a good one. So we've been discussing the Law, Statutes and Judgements. We already talked about the Law, that was our first one where we discuss how the law generally refers to the Ten Commandments. Also, last time we discussed Statutes, what are Statutes? They are the dos and don'ts. You shall, You shall not, that's the phrasing we're looking for and to help to govern the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel which would be governing itself for the very first time. God in their place was the head of state, he was the Commander and Chief. They were literally one nation under God. After they came out of Egypt we all understand that they became a nation for the very first time and ...

The Law, Statutes and Judgements: Part 2

Well hello again, hope you're having a awesome day, that your week is going well. I know everybody's busy, got a lot going on all the time, but as you take a moment from all of that you can pause, take a break here a do a little study. Talking about God, talking about his way of life and how each of us are trying to prepare right now for the return of Jesus Christ and the future reign alongside him. Okay so today we're going to talk about the statutes, last time we talked about God's law. We spent time describing the idea that God's law has been in existence forever. It defines who God is, God's law, the Ten Commandments. The fact that it was in existence prior to Exodus Chapter 20, where it was formerly introduced to the people and nation of Israel. ...


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