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The Sheep on the Right, the Goats on the Left

Start off with a question here. Do you consider yourself to be a sheep or goat? Now that question might you might be thinking, what kind of a question is that? Whether you realize it or not the Bible has a lot to say about the comparison between the sheep and the goats. Do you know the spiritual differences between the sheep and the goats? The spiritual difference between the sheep and the goats is a rather big deal. Because as we'll see in today's Sermon depending on what side we fall on it is a matter on eternal life or a matter of death. Life or death, depends on what side you're on. So it is a very serious situation to consider. ...

By: Jason Fritts
Heirs of God's Eternal Promise

A few weeks ago my wife mentioned to be in so many words, she doesn't like it when I start sermons that way. A few weeks ago my wife. Tell you what. A few weeks ago my wife she mentioned to me in so many words perhaps it would be good to remind people, especially those new to the truth or young people to perhaps remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And then Mr. Larry Alverio talked about focus and vision seeking first God's kingdom . Last week Mr. Monson mentioned getting our focus off the immediate trial and focusing on the Eternal promises. He said life is temporary. Life is short and he said a proper focus on our glorious future with Christ should empower us. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Life Is but a Breath

Today I want to speak on a topic that is, it's important to all of us. It's something that was brought to my attention this week in that accident I had. But the title of the Sermon is: Life Is but a Breath. Life Is but a Breath and Job actually said that in the Book of Job. Job 7:7 when you read that Verse he says, my life is a breath. He realized that life is temporary. That life is short. We've had at our home here in Kansas City some cold weather and our water main just keeps freezing up the master bathroom. Luckily it's Pex, it expands, it hadn't burst and caused a major water leak. But we're going to have to open up the side of the house when the weather changes and insulate those lines but what we realize is I go out and look at the outside of the house and it was painted ...

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

There's a Minister in the Sunday church, I got to pick on the Sunday church Ministers of course. Anyway he was invited by one of the members in his congregation for dinner and so he went over for dinner and after dinner was over he left and but the wife, the woman that who cooked the meal and served the dinner realized that he stole a spoon. And this really bothered her and so weeks went by, she went to church on Sunday and months went by. She couldn't get this out of her head that this man, this Minister stole a spoon. And so half a year went by and a year went by now. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Pressure Is a Privilege

Let's get into the Sermon here today. We've got lots to talk about. Mr. Fritts last week gave a Sermon, it's going to be much like the one you're going to hear today and I think maybe the reason a lot of the Ministers have been preaching on the kind of topics we have is because we need them. And we find ourselves in a position right now at this time where we really need to increase and strengthen our faith and we need to persevere and press toward the Kingdom. Today I want talk about an important topic and it's a pretty simple title if you write titles down, the title of the sermon is: Pressure is a Privilege. Pressure is a Privilege. What is pressure and why is it a privilege? Well, pressure is defined by Webster as continuous physical force, exerted on or against an object by s ...

By: Jason Fritts
Count It All Joy

We talk a lot about the state of the World, about the state of the Church. We talk about how difficult things are unfortunately and how they aren't going to get any easier between now and the return of Jesus Christ. It's been stated quite a few times and I'm sure you're going to keep hearing it, week in, week out. And yet together we know that the trials we face are for our own perfecting. These are our proving grounds. God allowing all kinds of challenges to know what is in our hearts. To know how we will respond even under the most extreme circumstances. Sometimes I think about the training of the US Navy Seals. I've seen documentaries. I've seen videos of them in the training process and it is a grueling process that these men go through for the chance to join the ranks. Onl ...

By: Jack Lowe
What Is Faith Toward God?

If you would be turning over to Hebrews, Chapter 6. Hebrews, Chapter 6 as we mentioned before in Hebrews 5 we see that Paul is talking to old time, the old time Ministry. The old time people in the Church, the ones that has an old-time religion. He was talking to those that were probably converted way back in 31 A.D. on the day of Pentecost. They had been around for a while but we see they'd been losing some of the knowledge they were not using it, they were losing it. And we said that we're called to be teachers so we need to be learning God's Word and using God's Word. Now in Chapter 6, Verse 1 we read, therefore leaving going on from the discussion of the elementary principle, like elementary school. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Economic Collapse Inevitable?

Well, welcome everybody here today. I'm saying we got a full house here in Athens, Texas and some guests, really happy you could make it. I want to also welcome everybody who's tuning in on the stream from wherever you're at. Some of you won't be hearing this for about a week in countries like New Zealand and Australia and Ireland and England. But we're having a wonderful time so far, we got in last night, a bunch of us and I had dinner together and fellowship. We'll be enjoying a meal tonight and a work party tomorrow so we're right here at Lone Star Camp where we hold our summer camp program in the U.S. for all of our young people. We're working on a project to improve the campus and we have a five-year commitment here now moving forward, so we're excited to be here. I ...

We're Being Weighed In The Balance

Our farming operation consists of land that we own but also land that we cash rent or land that we farm half and half on. And what I mean by that, when we pay a cash rent, it is a rent of a dollar amount that is agreed upon by the land owner and by us as tenants and we pay so much per acre. There's also the other half and half and that is the land owner owns the land, we own the equipment and we come in and we farm everything on half. They pay half the costs, we pay half the costs and everything at the end, they get half the crop, we get half the crop. So everything that we do then, we do half and half, you know we have to be careful. We have to be careful to be fair. ...

The Edification, Strength and Comfort of Gods People

The question, why are we here? Why would we do something like this and why do we have moments like this and why do we do this? Believe it or not, believe it or not, we need each other, especially with the catastrophic world events that are just around the corner. Are we ready or are we waiting for something specific to happen? Before we really turn it on before we really get things going' when we finally fix all the problems in our lives and stand there ready for our resurrection at the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Perhaps we're waiting for something specific and then we're going to fix everything. All those things we've been kind of putting off, we make progress a little bit here, a little bit there but then, we're finally, we're really going to go really hard right there ...

By: Mike Kreyer
An Evil Heart of Unbelief

Let's start off by, if you will grab your bibles and turn to Jeremiah 32:27, Jeremiah 32 Verse 27. Here the word of God came to Jeremiah saying, "Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?" You know this is quite a question. Is there anything too hard for God? That's a great question when we think about the end times that prophecy being fulfilled. There's gonna come a time for all of us. It's gonna be a good question for all of us. Is there anything too hard for God? ...

The Beast is About to Rise in Europe

Alright, that's enough about that. I want to get into the sermon here today and today I'm going to do something a little bit different. Those of you that are on the stream we'll will put a chart up. We're going to throw it up here in a bit while I'm speaking those of you who are local, we don't have a screen and a chart so we photocopied the chart for you. But today I want talk about a very important topic. It's a timely topic right now as well and the title of this sermon is The Beast is About to Rise in Europe. We've been talking about who and what the beast is in the Church of God for a long time. In 1960, the Church put out a booklet, Who is the Beast? This is what it looked like, it's a red booklet, Mr. Armstrong wrote it, Herbert W Armstrong wrote it. I'm going to ...

By: Randy Wayne
The Sin of Idolatry

So you never know what you're going to get when you're the last speaker so you take what you get and appreciate Mr. Kidney's split. And he set the stage for me, he talked about the 4th commandment and I want to talk about the 1st commandment and the Sin of Idolatry will be the title. So when you think of Idolatry you probably throw a vision up in your mind of a golden calf and a circle of people around it and we think idolatry. Idolatry is a lot deeper, it's one of satan's favorite tools and he uses it in ways that are what I would call stealthy. He's very subtle, we'll read about that in a minute. But you know each year we're told in the Spring Holy days to examine ourselves and it doesn't mean that you only do it then, it means you start doing it then and never stop. ...

By: Matthew Kidney
The Weekly Gift From God

Greetings to all of you on the stream. Greetings to our visitors here in Ohio. We have a beautiful day to travel and be here on the Sabbath. That's what I want to talk about today is the weekly Sabbath and this has been a topic that's been coming up a lot in my life and the lives of my family the last few weeks. It's arose in discussions at school. It's been on our lips at my job and the daily lives of my kids, especially. And I think this is good for our youth to know these basic truths to make sure that we're talking about these things with them, the Sabbath to review these basic truths and the incredible importance of this day. We know that this is a test Commandment, it's also a sign between God and His people. This is a command that God says will lead to an abundant life a ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Male and Female God Created Them

Today I want to talk about topic that is a very important topic. It's a topic that much of the world is confused on. We live in a confused world at the end of the age and we know that satan has deceived the whole world. If we go to Revelation 12, Verse 10, Revelation 12, Verse 9, I take that back, Revelation 12:9. It talks about satan, the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old called the devil and satan who deceives the whole world. Now satan is very good at what he does and we live in a world where we have to combat satan and the forces of evil that certainly exists. Some people don't believe that there is a devil that even exists. They don't believe that the demons and satan work against us. But the fact is there is a spiritual realm and they do exist. ...


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