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By: Jason Fritts
The Greatest Enemy of Change

The Eternal will judge the ends of the earth. Mr. Case was talking about their judgment, the idea that God is going to judge and judgment begins at the house of God. Every day we are one step closer to the return of Jesus Christ and with that the impending judgment. Again, not for the world alone but for all of us, the Church included judgment has already begun. We are being weighed and measured according to our works. The question is, will we rise up in the air to be joined together with Him for all eternity? Will we rise up in the air to be joined together with Christ for all eternity? It's something I hope that we can come to some kind of conclusion on in our life. We wonder these things. How are we doing? What is our progress like? We have dedicated our lives to our Father in heaven ...

Stay Focused on Your Calling

Tell you a little story, it starts off way back in the 20th century. I was just a young man, then of about 52, but I remember this Sabbath, I remember like it was yesterday. We were singing our hymns and all of a sudden I could not read the hymnal. And I had to move it around a little bit and as I adjusted it and it began focused and I could read. So what I realized that particular Sabbath, I was losing focus. How's your focus? And I'm not going to be talking about the eyes today, not necessarily. But how's your focus on this Holy Book? Do you understand it or do you have to adjust it when you're reading it and studying it? How's your focus? ...

By: Mike Dickson
Biblical Keys to Good Health

Greetings Brethren and Happy Sabbath. Have you ever been sick? You're probably like um, of course, yeah. Chances are every single one of you have been sick at some point in your life whether it be a minor cold or something more chronic. You've dealt with those type of issues. We pretty much all have at some point in our lifetime. But what is sickness? Is it something that just randomly happens to us? As annoying and even as difficult as it can be when are sick there are lessons that we can learn from being sick. Sometimes those lessons are meant for us who are dealing with the sickness. Sometimes the lessons are for those around us who are dealing with the person who is sick. I can still remember a number of years ago, I was talking in a group of people, we were at the gym and we're ...

By: Jason Fritts
Faithful Till the Very End

Again, it is very exciting. There's been quite a few weddings this past few months, there have. There have been quite a few and of course you know there are more still to come. I always enjoy personally the small part that we get to play here with the pre-marital counseling. I get to do that and have these interesting conversations with young people as they're beginning that relationship and beginning that part of their life, that chapter of their life together. So it's great to talk about these beautiful concepts that are designed by God and it parallels our future marriage relationship with Jesus Christ. We realize that two people, they choose for themselves a partner to share their life with. ...

By: Mike Kreyer
The Unified Bride of Christ

A poll taken in June called More in Common poll, it shows that 82 percent of Americans say that the nation as a whole is more divided than united. Political Analysis Bill Schneider on Wednesday said the political environment in the United States is the most divided since the Civil War. He goes on I quote, "Nothing is ever permanent but we are broken." You know this is an unprecedented divide in this country and it has left many wondering is history going to repeat itself? Will there be another Civil War in this country? ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Blessed Are the Peacemakers

I want to get into the sermon here now. As you know we live in a very volatile world at the end of an age. Time is short. We always say that character is developed under pressure and time. Time is fleeting, we don't have much time left, but there's plenty of pressure. The pressure is greater maybe than it has been in our lifetimes in the Church of God and we will have many more pressures as we move forward. It is a time for prayer and fasting when things get tough. The tough draw near to God and that's how they survive hard things and how they receive God's divine protection and guidance and inspiration in their lives. I have been privileged to serve with all the elders and their wives here in the Church of God and certainly know that God is blessing their efforts, all of us work t ...

By: Larry Alverio
Courage in Times of Adversity

We live in a world filled with crime, drugs and moral corruption. A world full of satan's rebellion. A world that is held captive by satan where it's easier to rebel than to obey. In our society it's easy to follow with the customs and the traditions of what the world offers. We see what is going on in our society today. We are beginning to see our freedom that has been slowly diminished every day, day by day. We're beginning to see that even the freedom of speech. I can recall, I don't recall ever a time when we were told that what we can say and what is not appropriate. ...

By: Branden Schroeder
Let There Be Light

In many ways it's difficult to believe that just a few weeks ago we completed a full cycle of God's Annual Holy Days. Now for many these recent weeks have been extraordinarily difficult. It's been a jarring transition from the joy of gathering together at the Feast of Tabernacles to the suffering of intense sickness and even the grief of deaths. And yet, here we are assembling again and we will continue to do in whatever ways we can. We will not stop. We will not stop because assembling to observe the Sabbath and the Holy Days is a unique demonstration of our faith. It's a powerful demonstration of our faith and God's power in us is demonstrated by our actions, not by what we say. Assembling together as God commands, no matter the circumstances demonstrates our commitment to his ...

By: Sheldon Monson
The Testing of Your Faith

I want to get into the sermon today, I'm not going to read a lot of prayer requests. There are so many, I'm sure I would miss someone. Let's just pray and fast for all of those who are sick. But today I want to speak on a topic that's very important in the situation that we face ourselves in. This might be the most important sermon I've ever given to be honest. The title of the sermon is: The Testing of Your Faith. And today we find it necessary to cover a topic that we have covered before because it's important that everybody gets it. That everybody understands it. As you know we've been giving sermons now for more than a year, actually a year and a half at least on Faith. And now when it's needed we see that there are some of God's people who have doubts and when I use ...

The Loyal Heart of the Children of God

We really did have a great Feast. It was a little hectic, a little crazy but it was wonderful to be together. The buzz, the excitement, the joy to see so many to gather together in one place. And for months we've been talking about how important it is for us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves. Exhorting one another and so much the more as we see the day approaching. The perpetual goal of increasing our faith remaining steadfast, persevering, determined to let nothing stand in the way of our awesome inheritance. And we just heard a sermonette from Mr. Quimby, they're talking about preparation for each of us to take this seriously how the Feast of Tabernacles, how it pictures the coming millennial reign of Jesus Christ. And how the 7th day Sabbath each and every week reminding us ...

By: Sheldon Monson
The Dry Bones Live

Everybody in the room here has lost, I should say have had loved ones that have died and sometimes it's a difficult thing to work through. There is a time to mourn the Bible says. But at the end of the day death doesn't crush us and the reason it doesn't is we understand that God says death is asleep. God said that the dead will be resurrected and we have the hope of the resurrection and so our mindset should be different than the people in the world who don't have that same hope that we do. And as you understand if you've been in the church any period of time there's an order or resurrections, there's more than one. The first resurrection occurs at the return of Jesus Christ and at that point the dead will be resurrected first. ...

By: Todd Lawrence
The World to Come

It was in the early summer of 1944 that there was a rumor that would circulate throughout the concentration camps in Nazi, Germany and the surrounding countries that the Nazi's had control of. And that rumor was that they were going to be freed by the end of the year. They had heard of the landing of the allied forces in Normandy and they thought for sure by the end of the year that their freedom from the hell in which they were living would come to an end. But as it drew closer to the end of the year, hope began to fail. ...

All Will Know That God is the Eternal

Here we are on the final day, the Feast of Tabernacles and you can hear it in the sermonette, the transition from this chapter in the plan of God to the next. In some ways it's sad, but it's a reminder that all things in this life are temporary. This Feast of Tabernacles, temporary dwellings. Tomorrow is a new Feast, the Last Great Day. It symbolizes the next step in God's plan, the hope for every man, woman and child that has ever lived. And we've been admonished throughout this Feast to hold on. We've heard it almost every day to take the reality of what these days picture and never let go. Using the truth to help us overcome. That becomes so real to us that we become empowered. To persevere against all that is coming and it's coming. ...

Do You Have the Testimony of Jesus Christ?

What I want to speak about today, the title is: We must have the testimony of Jesus Christ. We find that in, let's turn over to Revelation 12:17. We see the word testimony, Revelation 12 and verse 17 and the dragon was enraged with a woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. So and this is a scene, we're just breaking into it and you know the story. Part of the Church is protected and God opens the earth and protects but he goes after the remainder and this is the remainder of the description of them. They have the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. So what is the testimony of Jesus Christ? ...

By: Jason D. Fritts
Are We Ready?

You know most of my life I've had a tendency to have a kinship with men. I don't know what it is, you know, I feel like they're my brothers. You know it's like, "Hey brother, what's going on? How you doing brother"? And my wife said I need to be a little more balanced. So ladies, how you doing? Sisters, I hope you're all feeling great today because this is God's Feast of Tabernacles. What better place could we be than here? Back in 2003 my family, my wife and my two younger daughters, we moved to Tennessee. Prior to that we'd been living up in Michigan and we moved down there. My daughter, my oldest daughter had gotten married, her husband was from Tennessee so she moved down there. Then my son he decided well, I'm moving from home, he went to California first and then he ...


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