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By: Jack Lowe
Christianity 101

I hope everyone knows that when we're up here speaking and it seems like we're stepping on your toes, at first we stepped on our own toes. We first speak to ourselves and then we speak to others. And today I'm going to be speaking to you about some very, very simple topics. I'm a simple minded individual and we'll be speaking about something that's very simple. Something you've heard before. Hope you haven't gotten tired of it. If you will you'll be turning over to Matthew, Chapter 4, I think we'll begin somewhere in that area. We read in Matthew, Chapter 3 where Jesus himself came and was baptized. Certainly didn't need to be baptized, he set an example for all those that would follow him. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Service Is a Privilege

All right for the sermon today, I just thought this would be an appropriate topic. We just had 3 ordinations and today I want to talk about the fact that service is a privilege. And that's the title of the sermon: Service Is a Privilege. Sometimes we don't look at it that way. Certainly many people in the world don't look at service as a privilege. But when you think of it, the fact that you actually have an opportunity and that I have an opportunity to serve someone else, to help someone else on the path to the Kingdom here at camp. And to encourage and strengthen them and lift them up when they fall down. The fact that we can do that, that we're alive that we have the health and the well-being that we can get involved that way is certainly a blessing. God looks for people who lov ...

The Courage of Youth and the Strength of Humility

Okay, so what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Or are you waiting to commit yourself to a life of change? It's awesome to see so many of you here. Campers, we're so glad that you came that you wanted to be here or for those whose parents forced them to come, thank you for giving it a shot. We hope you're having a great time, but in a week we're all going to go home. It will be over fast, it does goes by quickly. And we're going to quickly be reminded that since we've been here the world has kept right on spinning. While we learn about God while we laugh and play games, while we make friends and build relationships, people out there continue to suffer. And we're going to have to go right back to it and that is the reality that Jesus Christ set up for us. He didn ...

The Doctrine of Clean and Unclean Meats

You ever noticed how God's people are trained to always ask the question? Is it clean or is it unclean? Now that's typical when we go to the grocery store and when we purchase food items, right? That's a concern we have and we which it just comes natural right? We just naturally do it, we're trained over the years to ask that question. But that same training can apply to many other things in life, example is: Covid vaccine. I want to pick on that for just a minute, is it clean, is it unclean? I'm not going to ask to answer that question for you. I'm going to give you the answer from, but it is an important question to ask. But I'm going to give that answer from a website called Immunized BC. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
God of Mercy

I do want to talk about a topic that's really timely for this time of year but also a topic that really fits year-round for all of us. And the title of sermon is: God of Mercy. And I'd like to use as the basis for a sermon an example that we find in the Old Testament of a King. And if you're thinking in the Old Testament about kings you're thinking about good kings, you're thinking about wicked kings. Today I want to talk about the most wicked king, whoever ruled the land of Judah and asked the question, does that king still have a chance to enter the Kingdom of God or not? And how do we know based on scriptures. And we want to learn some lessons from this King Manasseh. Manasseh's father as many of you are aware was a righteous King, a prosperous King. ...

Stay Strong, Stay Positive, and Never Give Up

All right for the sermon today I've been thinking about this topic for some time, quite a bit here recently. Some of you are note takers so if you want to write a title down and give that to you, I don't always do that right out of the gate, but today I will. The title today is: Stay Strong, Stay Positive, and Never Give Up. Stay Strong, Stay Positive, and Never Give Up. I'd like to begin by telling you a short story. I haven't told this story very often so most of you will not have heard it. This is a true story, it happened a lot of years ago now. I'll be, I�??m 59, I'll be 60 in February and I was 6 or 7 when this happened. We were living on a farm in North Dakota about 7 miles south of the Canadian border. ...

By: Jason Fritts
The Mind and Power to Change

I really appreciate Mr. Loper's sermon this morning since he basically covered what I had planned to cover. We�??ll just have Mr. Scarborough if you would now go ahead, press play and we'll just watch his. So thank everyone, we�??ll see you next time. Just kidding, it was a ton of fun redoing and re-writing the entire sermon for this afternoon during the lunch break. I really enjoyed that. Again, Happy Feast. It is a special day, it's a time when we get to be together that is unique. You get this double Sabbath, we get a little extra time as a family to spend together, always appreciate that. The reminders of what God is doing, the reminders of this day, the reality of the blessing, the calling, the opportunity, it's something so special for all of us. We look around, the fami ...

By: Mike Loper
Real Power

Brethren this is Pentecost of course and God's Master Plan, it is outstanding. It is awesome. In that one holy day built upon another. 7 weeks ago we just went through Passover and it pictures upon repentance or acceptance of Christ's sacrifice for forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God. In turn the Feast of Unleavened Bread pictures our faithful commitment to come out of sin and truly grow in grace and knowledge. That's our goal, once we repent and then we�??re baptized as an outward display of that inner commitment then we truly begin the process of becoming perfect as Christ was perfect. This is a day of Pentecost. This is a third step in God's Master Plan for the salvation of all mankind. This day this Feast of First Fruits, which it was called in the Old Testament pi ...

By: Randy Wayne
God's Give Way of Life

You know, you all know that we're not professional speakers. When we get up here we're butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Painters, farmers and elevator makers, whatever. And so we all draw from our own experience as we draw from our life and I like that. I'm the first century, the Disciples were tent makers and carpenters and fishermen and you know just regular people which we all are. And no one needs to be puffed up and so we draw from our experiences and I have a little story before I give the title of the sermon. It's a little cow story which will play into what I'm going to talk about this afternoon. So as I mentioned we live in southern Indiana, we're only a couple miles from the Ohio River and we have a small farm but it's very steep hills. ...

By: Sheldon Monson
The Beast IS Rising in Europe

Today I want to talk about it, really it's a newsworthy topic. The title of this sermon, if you write titles is: The Beast IS Rising in Europe. And all of our young people it seems that are attending here are pretty zealous and they, I noticed that a lot of them are really putting the time in to prove things. Just study the bible, they're going back and listening and listening to telecasts and things back in Worldwide and reading articles, the Correspondence course and other things and doing their homework. And it's a great way to get an education in the bible and things of the bible is to go back and read and study what men were inspired to write. And how they explained and how they taught what the scriptures meant and you know gave us a good foundation to build on. God always says, ...

By: Jason Fritts
A Relationship Built to Last

So what is the depth of our understanding of the Word of God? Does it matter? Have we learned it all? These can be interesting questions I guess to wonder if we've learned it all. We know that the Bible is the mind of God in print. It's God's mind. He's chosen the words. He's chosen the letters. He's put it together. He's has composed it. This is the way that He speaks to us, He talks to us. He gives us this understanding, the encouragement, all of it. It's put here with a purpose. Now I know sometimes we could perhaps go through it and say, well I don't understand why that's there. There are certain phrases, I think very specifically about something I was reading this morning. It talked about the measurement of an omer. It was something so brief it seems almost insigni ...

By: Jack Lowe
Going On to Perfection

If you would be turning over to Hebrews Chapter 5. I love the story about the squirrel. I could've used that a few times myself as a young man. My dad used to take long naps and Sunday afternoon and I'd do all sorts of odd things that I shouldn't have done. Like he had a nice looking, beautiful 52 Cadillac. I don't know if any of you know what those look like, they're beautiful. You see some around town now we're having a car show around here. And one Sunday I sawed the muffler off while he was asleep. He didn't believe the squirrel did it either. He found the hacksaw. I was about 12 years old so I used to get into trouble a lot. In the last few weeks I haven't been in much trouble. Hebrews, Chapter 5, Paul writing I'm sure, others may have other ideas about that but I c ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Are You a Balanced Christian?

The title of this sermon I'll just start with that today. It's an important topic, something I feel needs to be addressed and talked about and the title is: Are You a Balanced Christian? Are you a balanced Christian? Have you ever felt that maybe your life is a little off balance or out of balance? Maybe you work too much, maybe you get too little sleep. Our society certainly is very busy, at least in this country and most people are over committed and have too many things on their plate. We have to learn to prioritize things and we have to realize that there are some things in life that are more critical than others. Some things that are more important than others and living a balanced life means that we have to determine what the most important things are and expend our time and ener ...

By: Jason Fritts
The Legacy We Leave Behind

As we continue to count, as we said earlier, Happy day 14. As we continue to count to Pentecost, time marches on. God's always got us moving. Looking toward the next step, our eyes fixed on the goal, on the prize set before us. Envisioning what we are trying to accomplish and setting the right goals. Making the right moves that we may obtain our imperishable crown. Being resurrected in the first resurrection as a first fruit. As a chosen member of God's first great spiritual harvest becoming the very bride of Jesus Christ is not going to happen by accident. Have you ever seen someone who's never bowled before? Bowling, you ever seen somebody who's never bowled before? They kind of walk out there and they just throw a strike the very first time. ...

By: Todd Lawrence
Our Life In Transition

Anyways it's good to see everyone here in getting through the first part of God's plan, the Passover, the Days of Unleavened Bread and now we move on. You know brethren that life always seems to be in transition. There's always change going on and that's just a part of who we are, a part of our life. I know that the last couple years personally you know with our farming operation that change and transition has been going on with my son and myself. As I'm getting older and I understand that we have to look out for what we've built over the years that if we don't take measures, the government with inheritance taxes and the such would bring upon us and as it has unfortunately on other situations tax consequences. ...


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