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By: Jason Fritts
God's 7000 Year Plan

Welcome to the Bible Study and we're just beginning here as we look the sun's going to be setting here and another day has passed and that's the way time works, right? That's the way time works. Time marches on and sometimes we consider these things we understand that time has passed. Well, when do we start camp? Was it about 2 weeks ago? Would you all agree that we've been here approximately 2 weeks? That's good because we're going to ask a lot of questions tonight. We're going to talk about time and we're going to talk about time that has passed and the way that things are and the way that things have changed. We're going to look at God and His time frame. God's plan. Because believe it or not I know you've heard this countless times, but believe it or not God act ...

By: Randy Wayne
Setting Godly Goals

Well it's good to be here, good morning everyone, kids. This is the last day, the last Christian Living class and this is my first opportunity to speak at a camp so as Jesus said, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Although he was talking about something different. I heard Mr. Dickson said that Ryan Andrews was putting out a challenge but before he said what the challenge was I thought the challenge would be to come up here and sing. He did inspire me. We all heard his song last night. I'm going to tell a story on myself and it's a little embarrassing and I went back and forth all week whether I should tell it or not and after I watched him last night, I'm going to tell it. No problem. ...

Jacob and the Power of Identity

Now as you've heard for almost every day, every day of this camp, you've heard that our theme is: Be Strong and of Good Courage. And it's a good theme and as you've heard almost every day for the last two weeks you guys as campers you're in a transformative point in life. I think that word has been mentioned in more than one message. Some of you may be 13, some of you may be 18, but in the next 10 years you're going to make some of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. And the goal of us as parents is not well behaved and good children. That's good but that's not our goal and the goal of camp also is to make you a competent, successful and a righteous adult. ...

By: Branden Schroeder
Portraits of Courage

Well, before camp when my kids found out that I'd been assigned a Christian Living class, one of my children who will remain nameless said, there's no way I can keep you all awake and alert and engaged for an entire Christian Living class here in the second week of camp. This child of mine claimed you'd just be all too tired, too exhausted so no matter what happens up here, it was going to be a snooze fest out there. Yes, snooze fest were the exact words used to describe what's happening. When I asked if there was any possible way I could make it interesting for you all this child of mine said, on the second week of camp, no way. Mr Monson can't do it, Mr. Fritts can't do it, no one can do it. But you've just given me a challenge so I'm going to take it on. Here we go, by t ...

By: Mike Dickson
Lessons from the Rechabites

Greetings everyone. Today I want to start with something that I want you to think about. Get it in your mind. If God was to hold up your family as an example to the nations and to the world would he be able to do it? Would he say that's a model family to follow after? Could he say now this is the type of father to follow after? Now this is the type of mother and wife people should emulate. Is this the type of youth to follow after? Could God do that? Could He do it? Today we're going to look at one of the best examples in the Bible of family unity and the example starts with one of the most successful fathers in the Bible who was faithful to God and left a legacy for his family to follow after. ...

Abigail, a Woman of Great Strength and Courage

We've heard a lot of excellent messages this year on the topic of Courage. Would you agree? The men have really stepped up. But it's time to do a reality check. You've heard the saying, talk is cheap, right? Have you all heard that? It truly is. In preparing this message it just kind of hit me that been a lot of talk up here about courage. And I'm going to talk about the same thing. But can I live, am I living what I'm going to tell you in regards to courage today? That's the reality of being in the Ministry. ...

Courage Is Necessary for Success

Well, young people you got a heck of a day here today. You got a lot to do. Hope you're dialed in, you guys dialed in? Great, all right good, good, good. Well it's been said from Mr. Monson and Mr. Armstrong years ago that camp is the most important part of God's work. However, frankly to be honest with you I never realized that until about 10, 11 years ago. My son and daughter were at camp, their teen years and it wasn't really until my son Brian in 2011 went there that it really hit me, you know that camp was important. I wasn't on board. You see I'm self-employed painting contractor and I believe in working hard, okay? Very hard. And it didn't sit well with me to have Brian there for 2 weeks. Matter of fact I called Mr. Monson and I told him I said , you know it's ridicu ...

By: Sheldon Monson
How Important Is Loyalty to God?

But if you take notes and you have a pen and notebook with you I'll give you the title before I even start. I don't usually do that but the title of the Bible Study is: How Important is Loyalty to God? How Important is Loyalty to God? Some of you may have a good friend or a few good friends and they're loyal friends. They stick with you, they're always there when you need them. They'll tell you sometimes maybe not what you want to hear but what you need to hear, but you can count on them. It can be the middle of the night, it can be a lot of effort for them to come to your rescue but they're the kind of people that are loyal friends and they're there for you through the thick and the thin, the good and the bad. Some of you are married and your mates are that way. It's for ...

By: Kevin Lee
Be Bold as a Lion!

Well, good morning! Morning campers, good to see everyone here. What a wonderful time it has been, my wife and I, it's our very first time attending camp and it has been truly amazing. Just to have the, to me a millennial setting. I'm sure many of you feel the same but the millennial setting in a sense where you know we look and look forward to God's kingdom. And this is what it's going to be like, everyone dwelling together in unity. And I've not heard a sideways word yet and I know it's God's spirit by us crying out to God and asking God to help us to have the right attitude. To be pulling for one another, to love each other unconditionally without question. It's just a beautiful thing to see that, so keep it up. I encourage you to keep it up. Stay close to God, draw clo ...

By: Larry Alverio
Are You Courageous?

As you all know my Title is: Are You Courageous? That's a question that I would like to ask you, are you courageous? I want you to turn to Joshua, Chapter 1 and Verse 9. In Joshua, Chapter 1, Verse 9, I want the girls on a count of 3, I want you girls to read that back to me okay? Joshua 1 and Verse 9, are you ready? You never thought are you going to open your bibles today, huh? Got you guys a surprise. Okay on the count of 3 I want the girls only, the boys can follow it later, on the count of 3 I want you to read that back to me. ...

The Most Devastating Time in Human History!

Okay, so Be Strong and of Good Courage. This is our Christian Living theme. It's a theme of camp this year. This morning I want to focus on a type of spiritual strength and spiritual courage. Not just a physical kind but a type of courage, a type of strength, a kind of power and ability that doesn't come from us but from our relationship with God. If you would turn with me to Psalm 27 and Verse 1. Mr. Monson was here last night in the evening reflection, I want to pick up right there. I just feel like it ties together so much with what we're going to talk about today. It's a concept that's brought out in this Psalm here by King David, Psalm Chapter 27 and Verse 1. Take a look with me. It says here the Eternal is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? Look at this perspecti ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Be Strong and of Good Courage!

The theme for Christian Living as you see here behind me is: Be Strong and of Good Courage. This theme obviously comes from the Book of Joshua, even our gate code when you come in is one nine. We do one nine, one nine, but Joshua 1:9 is where I want to go. So let's begin by going to Joshua, Chapter 1, Verse 7 and read what it says here. I think most of you that are in the Church or growing up in the Church understand that Joshua was the successor of Moses. And the main thing that Joshua needed, we see this repeated over and over again in this chapter was to be strong and courageous. And we see here that God's promise for success for Joshua and the Israelite's was followed by a condition which God placed upon him and that was if you want to be successful, be strong and courageous. ...

Bible Study: Nations of Promise

Well Hi there, good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are out there on the stream. I don't know if we have anybody in the morning but nevertheless we are here for the Bible study and it is kind of difficult because we've just been here for two weeks and you guys are all tired and want to go to sleep right now or you're just wearing down. And the Sabbath's coming, God's got it in the perfect time where we all get a break I know. I know you guys going to be sleepy, so what we're going to do is move kind of fast through a incredible amount of material and I'm hoping that you guys can connect to something that's pretty special. This is something I'm very excited about something I really enjoy talking about. It's almost Sabbath time and again tonight we have ...

By: Todd Lawrence
Christian Living Class: Day 10

The Uniqueness of Your Identity: Well, good morning to everyone! It's good to see everyone here. I guess I came in on Tuesday so maybe this question has already been asked but I would like to ask for myself. How many do we have here this first time here for camp? Oh wow, that's a lot! Well, just wanted to let you know Mr. Monson wanted me to announce camp has been extended for one more week. The gate is locked you can't get out. Well, unfortunately it isn't. Back in the day, way back in the day when my wife went to camp it was a three week camp. ...

By: Mike Dickson
Christian Living Class: Day 9

The Faith of Naomi: Greetings campers and brethren! To start off I want to us all to ask ourselves an important question, what effect am I, what effect are you, what effect are we having on those around us? Within the church or outside the church whether it be unconverted family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers or just those that we randomly deal with throughout our normal life. Are you, am I reflecting the nature of God in our daily life and what we say and what we do? Through our personal example are we enticing others to follow God's way of life or are we turning them away from that? Does the effect that we have reflect Christ's nature? ...


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