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Christian Living Class: Day 8

Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself: Start off with a question, would you save a dog over a stranger? Sounds kind of silly but I want to share with you an experiment that psychologists did in Atlanta Georgia Regions Hospital. They had explored circumstances in which people value animals over human lives. In the study 573 individuals were asked who they would save in a series of hypothetical scenarios in which a dog and a person were both in a path of an out of control bus. The researchers found that decisions to save the person or the dog were affected by three factors. The first who the person in danger was. ...

By: Jason Fritts
Christian Living Class: Day 7

Open Your Eyes: Well Hi there, good morning. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, yeah! We're here at Christian Living again, your favorite time of the day. I hope, right yes. OK. Well we are going to jump into things here in just a second. We're going to get to this in a little bit but first of all we're going to start with a few questions. Ok Christian Living today. I'd like to start by asking, how does God view the world? How does God view the world? He made it, what does He think about it? Is He happy about the way the things are going right now? What do you think? Clayton you're just shaking your head just like this. You think God is not happy. No. Ok. Is He surprised by this outcome by the way we see the world today? ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Christian Living Class: Day 6

Greater Love Has, No One Than This, Than to Lay Down One's Life for His Friends: As you know the title is already announced John 15:13 it's the verse from which we got the title. I thought it fit well with the theme "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends". But I want to begin over in Mark, Chapter 14 today and refer to a story that all or at least most of you will have heard before to illustrate a point here at the beginning of the Christian Living class. Mark 14, we'll start in Verse 27 and here we'll see that Jesus Christ predicts the denial of Peter and it says in Verse 27, then Jesus said to them "All of you will be made to stumble because of me this night for is written I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered". And ...

Christian Living Class: Day 5

Are You Loyal?: Anyways I'm happy to be here today. I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma and we got a nice crew up there and I'd like to give you a little background about myself. In 72 I was 10 years old and my folks got divorced. I don't know if anybody here has experienced that, probably not in the Church. My dad was in the Church, mom was not and it was a battle, mom hated it. I mean just hated it and dad tried to teach me the right way, taught me always had to pray every day when I was a kid. He got me down on my knees when I was, I remember being 4 years old about as far back as I can remember. Always pray before I go to bed every night, always did that and it sunk in and I always did that. But they had a divorce in 72 and it was absolutely awful, bickering, fighting, going to court. Dad ...

Bible Study: The Power of Encouragement

In the Bible Study tonight I want to just look briefly at two examples of people in the Bible that were very encouraging people. Encouragement is a really important thing and the older you get the more you'll learn that people who are encouraging people, people who are good at inspiring and motivating other people to become better people are people that you want to be around. People who are negative and depressing and angry, aren't too much fun and usually people who are encouraging are people who aren't thinking of themselves, they're thinking about other people. And people who are negative and depressed usually are selfish people and their focus is on themselves. They're not really worrying about other people, they're concerned about themselves. ...

By: Matthew Kidney
Christian Living Class: Day 4

Change Your World by Serving Others: Do you want to change this present world? Do you want to change this present world? Are you happy with what you see around you? Is this world where you live a paradise? We have people from all over the United States, my Knox family is here from Indiana and the rest of my family from Indianapolis. We have people here from Oklahoma and Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, all over the United States. What's it like back home where you live? Is it a paradise? I think that we can all say that a change is needed. Mr. Fritts has talked about that, a change is needed. Maybe it's a little bit worse where I'm from, maybe where you live it's a lot better but what is it like with your neighbors, your friends at school. The stories that blanket the news every night, ...

By: Larry Alverio
Christian Living Class: Day 3

Are You a Disciple of Christ?: Well thank you Elizabeth that was beautifully done. I love piano music and that was great. I just want to say that I never used one of this before and I saw Mr. Monson up here using this and then Mr. Fritz came up and he used this and I said "Wow, I like that, man, I'm going to use this, this is really neat man, this is really good I feel like a, I mean a DJ in the studio, right?" Good morning, my friends, this is the DJ. Hey today we're going to have the weather, the traffic report, there's a Cheech he's up there and way up there in the sky looking down at the traffic report and here he is Cheech up there looking, "Hey man you get a lot of traffic down here man, oh man look at the red car D, you're doing down the wrong street man, you're wrong, o ...

By: Jason Fritts
Christian Living Class: Day 2

To Know the Love of God: Okay so for Christian Living Class, Class number 2, I don't know if I'm going to sit or stand or what but, we're gonna go ahead and jump right in. We're trying to prepare right now, all of us to prepare for the greatest event in the history of mankind. The return of Jesus Christ to the Earth and that change is coming, regardless of whether or not we are ready. That change is coming and that change is going to be awesome. We're going to talk more about that next week but, before His return we will witness before the return of Jesus Christ we are going to witness the most devastating time in human history. Before we witness the return of Jesus Christ we will have the most devastating time in human history. Maybe you've heard this mentioned before, I'm s ...

By: Sheldon Monson
Christian Living Class: Day 1

Theme for Christian Living Classes: Well, Good morning everyone and welcome to everybody tuning in on the stream here this morning! We'll be streaming all the Christian Living classes so we'll have 10 of these. Today is the 1st official day of camp. We're in Texas, and it is beautiful, it's in the 80's today and cool and a little bit overcast, but just a beautiful day. A little over 200 people here at camp, about 210 people so that's exciting to have so many people and all the activities we'll get rolling, so I hope you look forward to today. Once again, if you're tuning in we'll be streaming Bibles Studies on Friday night and Sabbath services as well on both Sabbaths. So tune on in and take a look on what's happening here at camp. So if you look behind me you see our b ...


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