Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
I did not receive an email when I registered:
I can't log in.
I get this error when logging in: "Sorry, the E-Mail Address you entered is already being used on the system."
I can't remember my Password."
I can't remember my User ID."
I did not receive an email when I registered:
Sometimes email will go in your Spam Box, depending on which email system you use, you will need to check your Spam Box. Chances are the registration email will be found there.
Example: How to check your Gmail Spam Box.
• Go to your Gmail and Login.
• On the left side under "Inbox".
• Scroll down to "More", click it.
• Then scroll down to "Spam", click it.
• Look for the registration email in the right window.
• Click on it, then click "Report not spam".
• The email will be moved to your inbox automatically.
• Go back to your inbox, click on the registration email and complete the steps in the registration email.
For other email systems like Hotmail, use your favorite Search Engine and type in quotes:
Example: "How to check my Hotmail Spam Box"
You can usually find instructions on how to find your Spam Box in most email systems by doing an internet search. Many times your Spam Box will be visible as soon as you access your email system.

I can't log in.
  • Check to make sure your caps lock is not on. The login system "is" case sensitive, both User ID and Password.
  • Many mobile phones will automatically capitalize the first letter, if you entered your User ID in lower case, you must change it back to lower case. The login system "is" case sensitive.
  • Check to make sure there is not a space added by you or your phone. Some phones will add a space when you hit enter which will cause login to fail.

I get this error when logging in: "Sorry, the E-Mail Address you entered is already being used on the system."
Once you have created an account, please "Sign In" on the left side of the login page. The right side is for creating "New Sign In Account" only. Once registered you will not use the right side again.
Or you have already used that email on this system and need to use the "I can't remember my Password" and/or "I can't remember my User ID" option to recover your "Sign In" information.

I can't remember my Password.
Go to the "Sign In" page, under "Already Have An Account, Sign In" is an option to reset your Password.

I can't remember my User ID.
Use the lost Password option on the "Sign In" page, the email you receive to reset your Password will have your User ID shown. You do not have to reset your Password, but for security you must provide the email address you used when registering on the site so the system can verify who you are.

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