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John 9:13 - John 10:42
By: Sheldon Monson
February 12, 2021
Bible Study ID: 1614022894
Bible Study
QR CodeWell hello everybody, once again here on Friday night we're back to a Bible Study, Sabbath Bible Study. February 12th this week we're up in Merrill Wisconsin for a big get together, have a big bonfire and some sledding in the snow and good fellowship and food as well as church services. So, welcome from this part of the world and from everyone up here. Well everybody last week as you recall, we cut off a story about a man who was born blind and how Christ intervened to heal him here in John chapter 9, we're up to verse 13 in the story and we'll just continue just by recap though. Last week we noticed this man was born blind, the Disciples asked Christ "who sinned, was it this man or his parents?" and Christ said "no, it wasn't either". This man was born blind so that the power of God could be manifest ...
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