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John 8:1 - 9:12
By: Sheldon Monson
February 05, 2021
Bible Study ID: 1615473933
Bible Study
QR CodeGood evening everybody, welcome to the Sabbath Bible Study here on Friday night. Well, here we are at the end of the week where all or most of you fasted. We certainly need God to guide and direct the work as well as our efforts to secure property for the Church that would work as a multipurpose property, for camp, family weekends, possible future Feast site as well as Church activities and get togethers, even weddings that we would be able to save our membership a lot of money than renting a venue, so keep that in mind in your prayers, we'll continue to look and plan and think ahead on those issues. Tonight February 5th, here 2021 we're going to get in to John chapter 8 and I think we will have time to get in to John chapter 9 a little bit as well. ...
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