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John 1:24 - John 2:25
By: Sheldon Monson
January 01, 2021
Bible Study ID: 1615595734
Bible Study
QR CodeWell it's again a beautiful snowy day, I'm probably not going to go the distance tonight on time. I want to finish up chapter 2, and get into chapter, sorry chapter 1 and get into chapter 2 and finish it, but once we start chapter 3 there's quite a bit of information in the first few verses that I think we will save for next time. By the way somebody recently said to me, before I get into the study, they said look, "why don't you call these Friday night Bible Studies, you ought to call them Sabbath Bible Studies because they're really on the Sabbath", which is true, we certainly can call them that. It's interesting when I look in to the gospel accounts, however we see that Matthew, Mark and Luke used Jewish accounting of time and so they always reckoned their time from sundown to sundown and yet John in his account used the Roman reckoning of time and was inspired to do so and so that's interesting. ...
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