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John 12:27 - John 14:2
By: Sheldon Monson
February 26, 2021
Bible Study ID: 1615597100
Bible Study
QR CodeWell good evening everybody, welcome to the Sabbath, it's hard to believe time is flying by, this is the last Friday night Bible Study or Sabbath Bible Study in the month of February. We'll have two more in March and then were going to take a break as we near spring Holy Days and get ready for those upcoming Holy Days and then we will have a lot of things happening in the spring and summer including camp, trying to get a gospel message out and many other things that are on docket, so we won't come back again until the time change in the fall, in November and it looks like we will have a little bit more work to do to finish the gospel account of John before we get into the Acts of the Apostles. ...
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