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Luke 23:39 - Luke 24:27
By: Sheldon Monson
December 11, 2020
Bible Study ID: 1616092130
Bible Study
QR CodeWell good evening everybody, welcome to Bible study here on Friday, December 11th, we're still not in our home, I had a little delay there, we're hoping to move in on Sunday. I didn't want to stop the Bible study so I'm taping here from Tulsa, so we could have this Friday night study. Well everybody, it's hard to believe we're getting near the end of the Gospel account of Luke. Today we'll get almost to the end, we'll get about halfway through Chapter 24 and finish up Chapter 23 and then next Friday night we'll launch into the very last part the final chapter in Luke's Gospel and then get into John's Gospel account. This when we complete Luke, it will complete the synoptic Gospels. The 3, they're very similar, have different angles and accounts and help to explain one another. ...
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