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Luke 18:1 - Luke 18:43
By: Sheldon Monson
November 06, 2020
Bible Study ID: 1616092729
Bible Study
QR CodeAll right, let's get right into Luke Chapter 18. This is where we left off last year in the spring, I'll run these from time change to time change so we'll run it all the way up through the time change in March each Friday night. There will be a few Friday nights I'm out of town and so on those nights I'll have to pre-record the ones that you know have to occur on those days. Anyway, we'll plan to do it each Friday night, try to get ahead and keep moving. These are very important accounts, these Gospel accounts, it's literally the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. What could be more important than that when it comes to scripture? Let's start here in Verse 1, we're going to start the Bible study with the parable of the persistent widow and Verse 1 is a key verse right out of the gate here it says, then He spoke a parable to them, Jesus did, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. ...
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