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The Law, Statutes and Judgements: Part 1
By: Jason Fritts
April 23, 2021
Bible Study ID: 1620124959
Bible Study
QR CodeWell hi there, hope you're having a wonderful day and an awesome week. Today we are going to be beginning a topical study series in order to cover different things, questions that come up from time to time that can perhaps help each of us to prepare to better teach and understand the Bible itself. First question as we kind of begin here is, how will you rule over eternity? That's a big deal, how will you rule over eternity? Much of what we do right now as the Church of God, the people of God is preparing to rule alongside Jesus Christ in the coming millennial reign. It's for us to prepare right now so that we can be successful in the time that's to come but not to overlook the time that we're living now and to be honest I think we all know that there are questions that arise in our day to day lives with people that are not in the Church. ...
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