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The Law, Statutes and Judgements: Part 3
By: Jason Fritts
May 07, 2021
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QR CodeWell good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Whatever it is, wherever you are I hope you are having a good one. So we've been discussing the Law, Statutes and Judgements. We already talked about the Law, that was our first one where we discuss how the law generally refers to the Ten Commandments. Also, last time we discussed Statutes, what are Statutes? They are the dos and don'ts. You shall, You shall not, that's the phrasing we're looking for and to help to govern the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel which would be governing itself for the very first time. God in their place was the head of state, he was the Commander and Chief. They were literally one nation under God. After they came out of Egypt we all understand that they became a nation for the very first time and they had to learn how to govern themselves. ...
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