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Acts 1:1 - Acts 2:13
By: Sheldon Monson
November 19, 2021
Bible Study ID: 1637771573
Bible Study
QR CodeGood evening everyone! Welcome to the Friday night Bible Study here. Once again, we're really excited about it, we're getting into a new book of the Bible here. But tonight we're going to move into an introduction into the Book of Acts. In your Bible and mine, it opens here the Acts of the Apostles, obviously these are not all the Acts of all the Apostles but the ones that God inspired to be put into the Bible into the Word of God. And this is a very exciting book and it's a book that I think is really a great book to go through. At this time here at the end of an age with the world being crazy and all the things that are happening to look at the Acts of the Apostles. It's just not the intentions of the Apostles or the dreams or hopes of the Apostles, it's literally the Acts of the Apostles. ...
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