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Acts 13:42 - Acts 15:10
By: Sheldon Monson
January 14, 2022
Bible Study ID: 1642597521
Bible Study
QR CodeGood evening everybody, welcome to the Friday night Bible study here, January 14th, 2022. Tonight I want to get into Acts Chapter 13, we're going to continue beginning in Verse 42 and we'll get through Chapter 14 and maybe get a start on Chapter 15 as well. I'm kind of looking at how many more Friday nights we have until the end of this season will end in the spring before Passover. Usually we end around the time change and then pick it up again in the fall. But it looks like we're on target to finish the Book of Acts and then we can move on maybe to the general Epistles in the fall and then onto the Epistles of Paul and finish up with the Book of Revelation, but anyway we're doing great so far. I'm glad you're able to tune in, I hope that you find the information helpful. I'm basically teaching this like I would a class at a college. ...
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