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Acts 18:24 - Acts 20:12
By: Sheldon Monson
February 04, 2022
Bible Study ID: 1644287740
Bible Study
QR CodeGood evening everyone. Welcome again to the Bible Study here on Friday night. It seems like times is flying by, we're already into February. Okay, everyone let's go to Acts, Chapter 19 and let's finish up here. Acts 18, sorry, Acts 18 and finish up beginning in Verse 24. It's a little subtitle and again these subtitles that you find in your bible and I find in my bible are not inspired. It's just when the translators translated it they put little titles, subtitles in here for all of us to help to be able to find the information more quickly. And the subtitle here is: The Ministry of Apollos. Verse 24 it says, now a certain Jew named Apollos born at Alexandria, an eloquent man and mighty in the scriptures came to Ephesus. So here Apollos is named as a Jew with a Greek name. ...
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