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Romans 7:1 - Romans 8:22
By: Sheldon Monson
December 16, 2022
Bible Study ID: 1671473096
Bible Study
QR CodeWell, welcome everybody to the Friday Night Bible Study here once again. All right let's go to Romans Chapter 7, I want to before I start though just quickly review. In Chapter 1 in the Book of Romans we see that Paul primarily was addressing the Gentiles and when we get into Chapter 2 we see he is primarily addressing the Jews and Paul was dealing with a split there in Rome. There was some Gentiles certainly is Rome and there were some Jews that he was also addressing that were a part of the church. Some of them were not a part of the church, but the ones that were that he wrote the letter to he was addressing those. We see in Chapter 3 that we can only be justified by Christ. We see that the world is cut off but we are able to receive redemption through Christ. ...
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