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If You Want To Walk On Water, Here's How
By: Sheldon Monson
August 15, 2020
Sermon ID: 1608985382
Sabbath Services
QR CodeHappy Sabbath to everyone, welcome to the stream here today. We've got quite a few people tuning in, couple hundred people here today a least on the stream and I just want to start by saying that I appreciate you tuning in. I've not actually contacted anyone who hasn't contacted me and I've told people if you want to hook in to the stream just email me at my gmail account which is sheldonmonson and that's Monson with a 6 at gmail.com, so sheldonmonson6 at gmail.com and we will get you the link for the stream. The plan is to be streaming every Sabbath, I will have a number of others that will also join in on the stream for Sermonettes and Sermons across the country as we move forward. I feel at this point what we need to do is preach the truth and move forward in faith, not look back, but look forward. ...
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