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A Storm Is Coming
By: Jason Fritts
January 09, 2021
Sermon ID: 1615733282
Sabbath Services
QR CodeWell good afternoon happy Sabbath, hope you are having a wonderful day I know with everything that is happening in the country right now, is a lot taking place and it's wonderful that God gives us an opportunity to be here together on the Sabbath, how much that means for all of us to put all that aside and come together and worship Him, so again, it's wonderful to be here. I'm going to go ahead and jump right in, how often, how often do we think about the end, is that too depressing or do we even consider that that might be a possibility, are we close? Will Christ return in our lifetime, or is everything going to keep going on like this forever? Before the Great Tribulation and the time of Satan's wrath, before the Day of the Lord, the time of God's wrath, there is a gathering storm. ...
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