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What Is The Prophesied Falling Away?
By: Sheldon Monson
March 13, 2021
Sermon ID: 1615978697
Sabbath Services
QR CodeThe title of the sermon today is: What is The Prophesied "Falling Away"? and it's a topic that has been under discussion in recent years. There are a number of ideas floating around out there in different organizations regarding this but I want to address the topic kind of head-on and say "Look, what do we believe, what does the Bible teach?" Sometimes when I'm giving a sermon, I'll say "Look this is what we've always taught", I might say "This is what the Bible says" and it's also what we always taught on the topic that we are going to address today and I will try to get in the habit of doing that every time saying not only is it what we taught, but it's borne out very clearly in the scriptures, it's what the Bible shows and what it tells us and so when I cover the topic today I just want to, the intention is not to put anybody down or attack, it's simply to address a topic and make sure that we understand it clearly as it is written in the scriptures. ...
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