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Do You Really Believe?
By: Mike Loper
March 20, 2021
Sermon ID: 1616516824
Sabbath Services
QR CodeWell Brethren, getting a sermon here when I was a kid growing up in the Church and I came in with my folks. They got a little background here, my folks got divorced in 72 and dad got custody every week and a half, every other week he got custody of me and I started going to church then and then in 74, he got full custody of me, so a little background there and so my dad remarried and I've got a great stepmom, she's awesome and a lot of stuff that I learned, my stepmom and my dad taught me what church-wise and how to live. My mom was there too and she was awesome as well and she taught me rules and taught me the right way to live and everything else but I was very blessed growing up and to be in God's church so early at 10 years old. I'm 59 now if you do the math, but it's gone by like a whirlwind. ...
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