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The Sin of Unbelief
By: Larry Alverio
March 27, 2021
Sermon ID: 1617821917
Sabbath Services
QR CodeBrethren I'd like to begin here in the Book of Leviticus, Chapters 23 and again you know we, this is a reminder for all of us, this is what it's all about. You know Mr. Armstrong always went back to the trunk of the tree and he always talked about the two trees and sometimes he went "Oh the two trees again" you know, but how many people really got it you know and so this is a reminder that God tells us all the time as these times of the year that we participate in God's Holy day and how beautiful it is that we have come to understand God's plan of Salvation. But right here in Leviticus Chapters 23, I'd like to begin in Verse 9 through 15. ...
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