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God's Government Is Always From the Top Down
By: Sheldon Monson
April 10, 2021
Sermon ID: 1618395089
Sabbath Services
QR CodeAll right I want to get into the Sermon here today. I want to cover a topic that might not be popular with some, but this isn't a popularity contest. I feel we need to speak the truth no matter what, regardless of the outcome and so I am going to cover a topic that's not been covered by some for a while. But it's a very important topic and several people have discussed this topic with me in recent months. And we live in a time in human history at the end of the age where there is very little respect for authority. And today I want to talk about government and the Church and what God's form of Church government is and I think that this is something that will be a review for most of you, but for others it may seem a bit self-serving that I'm the guy giving the message on government and that's OK. You can think what you want, we're going to cover what the Bible says. ...
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