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Diligently Add To Your Faith
By: Jack Lowe
April 24, 2021
Sermon ID: 1620124219
Sabbath Services
QR CodeI appreciated the word being mentioned in the Sermonette several times, diligently, and as Christians we're to be diligent with our calling. The title of the sermon today is Diligently Add to Your Faith. We've been given the gift of faith. We receive that gift of faith when we receive God's Holy Spirit but as we're going to see as we get on into the sermon we have our job to do and it's to add to that faith. Let's talk a little bit as we get into the 50 scriptures I'm not going to use all of. The false doctrine that has been taught in Churchianity today that you're once saved always saved. Now we know that we have to endure to the end. ...
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