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Reprogram Your Mind
By: Jason Fritts
May 08, 2021
Sermon ID: 1621462377
Sabbath Services
QR CodeSo today it is of course Day 42 and we are still counting towards Pentecost. We are almost there, we're one week and about a day, as we're getting ready. The people of God, the body of Christ right now. This is what's on our minds at least I hope it is. There's a reason again, God in doing things, everything with a purpose that we do count that we consider what these days mean to us. The people of God are those who of course act on the knowledge that has been revealed. The people of God, body of Christ, Church of God are defined by more than knowledge of the truth. It's more than just knowing the right thing. Those who act on the knowledge revealed knowing what's right, doing what's right. It is two completely different things and when we discuss the people of God we are talking about those who change their lives who are working diligently to bury the old self, developing holy righteous character. That's what the journey is all about. ...
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