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The Family of God: Do You Know Who You Are?
By: Jason Fritts
June 05, 2021
Sermon ID: 1623152774
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QR CodeLife as God has designed is about family. Life as God has designed it is about family. How to have a positive and powerful loving relationship with God, our Father as well as to have healthy, positive loving relationships with our neighbors or our future brothers and sisters. The law of God revolves around these necessary connections and it is essential for our interpersonal relations with each other. Everything from the beginning has been for our example in an understanding of what the future holds and our ultimate potential. Yet we live in a world totally confused, forget trying to understand who we are within the plan of God, every role in identity is turned upside down what defines marriage, what defines love, what defines family, what defines a man or a woman. You would think that was the one thing that every person on the planet could agree, something very simple. ...
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