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Watch and Pray
By: Mike Kreyer
November 07, 2020
Sermon ID: 1623679443
Sabbath Services
QR CodeOkay, let's get right into the sermon here, most of you know what the doomsday clock is. You've probably heard of it, probably not so much for our younger people but according to the doomsday clock it now stands at 100 seconds to midnight which signals the most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced. That is the closest it's ever been since 1953 at the height of the Cold War. Each year the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, a non-profit group that sets the clock, decides whether the events of the previous year push humanity closer to or further from destruction. The closer to midnight we are the more danger we are in according to the group. The clock conveys how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making. ...
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