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Enduring the Race Set Before Us
By: Jason Fritts
June 26, 2021
Sermon ID: 1625076255
Sabbath Services
QR CodeWell Good afternoon, Happy Sabbath. That was an absolutely beautiful piece. Thank you to the choir, again Mr. Schroeder and everyone else participating. I say this all the time but music is so special and adds so much to this day and what it means for all of us. For everyone out there on the stream we have just of course finished the first week of camp. We're starting to kind of get in the groove here, understanding the routine and now as we catch our breath, we get a little bit with the Sabbath here, time to rest, time to reflect. Every Sabbath of the year is meant to be glimpse. A glimpse of the coming millennial rest in the Kingdom. There are seven days of the week, six days to do all our work, followed by one day of rest. And as we understand prophetically with God revealing a day for a thousand years principle there in 2nd Peter. This parallel six thousand years for mankind to do according to their own will followed by the thousand year millennial reign with Jesus Christ. ...
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