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You Are Not Your Own
By: Jason Fritts
July 31, 2021
Sermon ID: 1627925571
Sabbath Services
QR CodeFor thousands of years mankind has lived for self. A life that seems futile and meaningless but only because they lack the understanding of their purpose. The world has been blinded for millennia to their incredible potential and satan has succeeded in deceiving the world to believe his lie. Again to believe his lie that we, all humanity are nothing and insignificant. And so mankind in their limited understanding seeks to preserve the life that they have. They try to hold on to these moments, their perspective can only see the physical. They only know what's right in front of them and their only concern is their life, whatever will bring contentment to self. But those who are called are given an incredible gift perhaps we don't consider how special it is how much it means to know something that's different. ...
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