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Repentance From Dead Works
By: Jack Lowe
July 10, 2021
Sermon ID: 1627985115
Sabbath Services
QR CodeIf you would please turn on over to Hebrews Chapter 5, do a little study there. We'll reason together about God's word. I always enjoy, I always say this is my favorite book, and it might be my favorite book in a particular time, you know like Hebrew's but while I'm studying Hebrew's it's my favorite book. And then we'll get into another book and that's my favorite book because they're all exciting. And they're for us we are to live by every word of God we are told in Matthew 4:4 and that's the new covenant brethren. We're to live by every word of God and I hope that you are studying it. I'm sure that you are. I think about a mandate, it was mandates that Mr. Armstrong gave back in the 80's. There were 3 of them, I'll mention one of them and it has to do with what we are talking about today. Prepare to teach. ...
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