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The Family Restored
By: Mike Kreyer
September 21, 2021
Sermon ID: 1635522487
Feast of Tabernacles
QR CodeI know we're off to a great start here at the Feast with the inspiring, very inspiring message last night. I hope everyone got to hear it, if you haven't, go back, very important message. You know if you've been in the Church of God for any length of time, you know Mr. Monson asked us to raise our hands last night, I end up with one of the last ones to drop my hand, But it shriveled when he said those have been here the longest God's had to work with us longer. Mr. Monson knows how to humble us doesn't he? I'm a hard nut to crack I guess. But if you've been in the Church of God for any length of time most of us have developed a very detailed mental image or picture of what this time will be like when the Feast of Tabernacles becomes a reality in a very few short years. ...
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