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We Must Endure to the End
By: Mike Loper
September 25, 2021
Sermon ID: 1635882817
Feast of Tabernacles
QR CodeYou know you had a tendency when you're younger to take it for granted. My kids did that 25 plus years ago, 20 my son's 20, almost 24, daughter 28 so it's been a while. You get busy making a living, get busy working hard and you take it for granted. My advice to you as a person who is almost 60 is don't do that. Dr. Meredith would say, don't do that. Don't do it. Don't take it for granted. Brethren, how can we help our kids stay in the church? That's an important thing, very important thing. Number 1 don't take it for granted of course. But how can we do it, we need to as parents, we need to persevere, we need to make sure that we can stick with it. ...
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