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Biblical Keys to Good Health
By: Mike Dickson
November 13, 2021
Sermon ID: 1637236830
Sabbath Services
QR CodeGreetings Brethren and Happy Sabbath. Have you ever been sick? You're probably like um, of course, yeah. Chances are every single one of you have been sick at some point in your life whether it be a minor cold or something more chronic. You've dealt with those type of issues. We pretty much all have at some point in our lifetime. But what is sickness? Is it something that just randomly happens to us? As annoying and even as difficult as it can be when are sick there are lessons that we can learn from being sick. Sometimes those lessons are meant for us who are dealing with the sickness. Sometimes the lessons are for those around us who are dealing with the person who is sick. I can still remember a number of years ago, I was talking in a group of people, we were at the gym and we're just talking about sickness and I remember saying, I haven't been sick in like two years. Man, I'm doing good! And then Bam. What do you think happened not too long after that? I got sick. ...
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