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The Greatest Enemy of Change
By: Jason Fritts
November 20, 2021
Sermon ID: 1638562241
Sabbath Services
QR CodeThe Eternal will judge the ends of the earth. Mr. Case was talking about their judgment, the idea that God is going to judge and judgment begins at the house of God. Every day we are one step closer to the return of Jesus Christ and with that the impending judgment. Again, not for the world alone but for all of us, the Church included judgment has already begun. We are being weighed and measured according to our works. The question is, will we rise up in the air to be joined together with Him for all eternity? Will we rise up in the air to be joined together with Christ for all eternity? It's something I hope that we can come to some kind of conclusion on in our life. We wonder these things. How are we doing? What is our progress like? We have dedicated our lives to our Father in heaven and the creator of the universe. We are his. ...
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