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We Are Not of Those Who Draw Back
By: Sheldon Monson
December 26, 2020
Sermon ID: 1638562723
Sabbath Services
QR CodeI want to get into the sermon and now I'll tell you what the title is. The title is: "We Are Not of Those Who Draw Back" and I want to look at some verses in the bible that are especially important for the day and age in which we live at a time at the end shortly before the return of Jesus Christ. We're not setting dates, but we do know when we look at the world and the state of the world around us, the state of our nation that time is short. God said in the gospel accounts that when you see the trees begin to bud you know that, look it's Spring, Summer is near. The signs are there and we're beginning to see signs on the entire world stage that show us, hey end time prophecy is beginning to happen. And one of the things that I have noticed as I was studying these scriptures in the Book of Hebrews and many of you have noticed and commented on is that there are many people who are drawing back rather than moving forward. ...
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