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Christian Living Class: Day 3
By: Larry Alverio
June 24, 2021
Youth ID: 1627677576
Youth Christian Living
QR CodeAre You a Disciple of Christ?: Well thank you Elizabeth that was beautifully done. I love piano music and that was great. I just want to say that I never used one of this before and I saw Mr. Monson up here using this and then Mr. Fritz came up and he used this and I said "Wow, I like that, man, I'm going to use this, this is really neat man, this is really good I feel like a, I mean a DJ in the studio, right?" Good morning, my friends, this is the DJ. Hey today we're going to have the weather, the traffic report, there's a Cheech he's up there and way up there in the sky looking down at the traffic report and here he is Cheech up there looking, "Hey man you get a lot of traffic down here man, oh man look at the red car D, you're doing down the wrong street man, you're wrong, oh yeah so anyway." ...
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