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Christian Living Class: Day 4
By: Matthew Kidney
June 25, 2021
Youth ID: 1628276191
Youth Christian Living
QR CodeChange Your World by Serving Others: Do you want to change this present world? Do you want to change this present world? Are you happy with what you see around you? Is this world where you live a paradise? We have people from all over the United States, my Knox family is here from Indiana and the rest of my family from Indianapolis. We have people here from Oklahoma and Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, all over the United States. What's it like back home where you live? Is it a paradise? I think that we can all say that a change is needed. Mr. Fritts has talked about that, a change is needed. Maybe it's a little bit worse where I'm from, maybe where you live it's a lot better but what is it like with your neighbors, your friends at school. The stories that blanket the news every night, I think we can all agree a change is needed. ...
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