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Christian Living Class: Day 7
By: Jason Fritts
June 29, 2021
Youth ID: 1630103638
Youth Christian Living
QR CodeOpen Your Eyes: Well Hi there, good morning. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, yeah! We're here at Christian Living again, your favorite time of the day. I hope, right yes. OK. Well we are going to jump into things here in just a second. We're going to get to this in a little bit but first of all we're going to start with a few questions. Ok Christian Living today. I'd like to start by asking, how does God view the world? How does God view the world? He made it, what does He think about it? Is He happy about the way the things are going right now? What do you think? Clayton you're just shaking your head just like this. You think God is not happy. No. Ok. Is He surprised by this outcome by the way we see the world today? ...
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