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Be Bold as a Lion!
By: Kevin Lee
July 01, 2022
Youth ID: 1660936536
Youth Christian Living
QR CodeWell, good morning! Morning campers, good to see everyone here. What a wonderful time it has been, my wife and I, it's our very first time attending camp and it has been truly amazing. Just to have the, to me a millennial setting. I'm sure many of you feel the same but the millennial setting in a sense where you know we look and look forward to God's kingdom. And this is what it's going to be like, everyone dwelling together in unity. And I've not heard a sideways word yet and I know it's God's spirit by us crying out to God and asking God to help us to have the right attitude. To be pulling for one another, to love each other unconditionally without question. It's just a beautiful thing to see that, so keep it up. I encourage you to keep it up. Stay close to God, draw close to God and this is the result we receive. ...
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