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Courage Is Necessary for Success
By: Mike Loper
July 03, 2022
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Youth Christian Living
QR CodeWell, young people you got a heck of a day here today. You got a lot to do. Hope you're dialed in, you guys dialed in? Great, all right good, good, good. Well it's been said from Mr. Monson and Mr. Armstrong years ago that camp is the most important part of God's work. However, frankly to be honest with you I never realized that until about 10, 11 years ago. My son and daughter were at camp, their teen years and it wasn't really until my son Brian in 2011 went there that it really hit me, you know that camp was important. I wasn't on board. You see I'm self-employed painting contractor and I believe in working hard, okay? Very hard. And it didn't sit well with me to have Brian there for 2 weeks. Matter of fact I called Mr. Monson and I told him I said , you know it's ridiculous to have him there for 2 weeks when he could be on the job site learning a trade, learn how to support his family. ...
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