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Lessons from the Rechabites
By: Mike Dickson
July 05, 2022
Youth ID: 1660937221
Youth Christian Living
QR CodeGreetings everyone. Today I want to start with something that I want you to think about. Get it in your mind. If God was to hold up your family as an example to the nations and to the world would he be able to do it? Would he say that's a model family to follow after? Could he say now this is the type of father to follow after? Now this is the type of mother and wife people should emulate. Is this the type of youth to follow after? Could God do that? Could He do it? Today we're going to look at one of the best examples in the Bible of family unity and the example starts with one of the most successful fathers in the Bible who was faithful to God and left a legacy for his family to follow after. ...
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