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Setting Godly Goals
By: Randy Wayne
July 08, 2022
Youth ID: 1660937967
Youth Christian Living
QR CodeWell it's good to be here, good morning everyone, kids. This is the last day, the last Christian Living class and this is my first opportunity to speak at a camp so as Jesus said, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Although he was talking about something different. I heard Mr. Dickson said that Ryan Andrews was putting out a challenge but before he said what the challenge was I thought the challenge would be to come up here and sing. He did inspire me. We all heard his song last night. I'm going to tell a story on myself and it's a little embarrassing and I went back and forth all week whether I should tell it or not and after I watched him last night, I'm going to tell it. No problem. ...
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